Decorating Tools  from Bamboo Tools                         

Kushi: Bamboo Combs, 220 mm (8.5" ) long   Rope Texture Rollers 150 mm (6") long;  Fine: 2.3 mm rope, 22 mm dia.; Coarse: 4.0 mm rope, 25 mm dia.

14 mm wide  TBC23 



Fine Weave


16 mm wide TBC45  


Coarse Weave


30 mm wide TBC55 



Fine Fishnet


Jumping Irons: Chattering Tools, 220 mm (8.5" ) long  

Coarse Fishnet



Flat end  TBJIX 


Fine Grain


Coarse Grain



Single point  TBJI1 



Fine Parallel


Coarse Parallel



Double point 




90 mm (3.5") long

Fine Fishnet


Coarse Fishnet


Yumi Tools: Straight and Wavy Wire Harps

180 mm (7.5") long


3 mm rope;  

22 mm  dia.  TBRSP 

Wavy wire cutters and bamboo yumis are used for creating a uniform texture of ridges and valleys in clay. Cutting wire coils can be stretched to desired wave length.          Large: 175 mm (7") wide          Small: 80 mm (2.75") wide


Straight Wire Yumi



TFYUM  Extra Small

70 mm (2.75") wide  

TBYSX  Small

80 mm (3.25") wide  

TBYLX  Large

175 mm (7") wide      

Wavy Wire Cutter    

TB35F  Fine: 2.0 mm wave

TB35M  Medium: 2.7 mm wave

TB35C  Coarse: 3.5 mm wave



Large Wavy Wire Yumi   

TBYLF  Fine: 2.0 mm wave

TBYLM  Medium: 2.7 mm wave  

TBYLC  Coarse: 3.5 mm wave  



Small Wavy Wire Yumi   

TBYSF  Fine: 2.0 mm wave  

TBYSM  Medium: 2.7 mm wave 

TBYSC  Coarse: 3.5 mm wave  


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